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Modern blue carpet for living room looks the best

blue carpet for living room view in gallery blue overdyed rug in a modern living room GIWASWQ

No house can look good without carpets because they can give a unique and innovative look to even not a nice house. The best thing about carpets is that they can be used anywhere and there is no such place where they can be misplaced. The blue carpet is basically …

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The Pros and Cons of a Polypropylene Rug

Polypropylene Rug diamond design rug durable flat weave polypropylene stain resistant  pertaining to UUPVAXN

Today the market is flooded with Polypropylene rugs. Polypropylene Rug is cheaper petroleum products which make polypropylene rugs more durable. Polypropylene rugs are easy to differentiate from higher quality rugs. They are made up of thin and refined strands of polypropylene(plastic) which also gives them a rough and hard texture. …

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Oriental Carpets Home Decors for centre

hand knotted oriental rugs yilong 4u0027 x 6u0027 hand knotted oriental rug handmade silk carpet traditional YKWFUDG

Oriental carpets are hand braided carpets extensively available at traditional rug weaving countries like India, Nepal, China, Iran and much more and they are the biggest exporters of these carpets. The weavers use knots for firmness and brightness in the curvilinear designs, they are very thick and use a rich …

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